Who am I?
I was born in Sevastopol in 1999. For now I'm ITMO University student and going to obtain bachelor's degree in 2021. Maybe after that I will try to get master's degree, will see.

My favorite hobby is communication with people. I can be a bit shy, but after I get used to a person I won't stop talking. I love to share emotions with others and to get them in return.

Seriously, if you like what I do or you're simply feeling loonely you can write to me :) All my contacts are available there.

Also, I love linguistic and history. I can talk in English, Russian (my native language) and Ukrainian. Partly I can understand Polish and I believe I will find time to study one of the Scandinavian languages, but it's hard to combine University, part time job and complex study all with each other in the same time.

In the free time I write my blog in Russian. When I do not have time for it, I take photos and upload them to my Instagram. I really like photography.

What I do

I do a lot of things. Most of them are connected to my university. I help other students with information, because I know a lot about graduation in ITMO. Btw, I'm an admin of my study group.

Sometimes I make video games. It's not very succesfull, because most of my attemts end with only a concept, but when I have time I go to gamejams. My most succesfull game is a telegram roguelike bot I wrote in school. It is in Russian and can be found here. And its source code is open, yes.

And I have to mention I work Infotecs in an internal department where we do stuff with .NET and Angular.


This section is for my friends who've been sent here by myself to check what to gift to me for some holiday. It may look a bit selfish, but I'm just trying to make their lives a bit easier.

First of all, check whether you are sure about your wish to gift me something. Maybe you don't have to?

But if you are considered:

  • Book about linguistics?
  • Something for my Zenit-122?
  • I love tabletop games.
  • And ducks.
  • And mimimalism (if you haven't mentioned it).
  • Just realised I love DIY stuff like papercraft.
  • And hugs.
  • My friends also.
  • And you're looking good ;)
  • Real things you may buy
    • My BandCamp whishlist
    • Powerbank with Type-C support which may charge my Xiaomi Notebook Pro
    • Rozetkus from Art.Lebedev
    • Mi6 phone bumper
    • LEGO Architecture

Music for code